This is so sad. The young men who lie in these graves in Libya died far away from their homes so that, among other things, these young Libyans can show protest!! That they chose to protest by such desecration is disgraceful and it makes you question whether some things are actually worth fighting to preserve. (The short answer is, of course, yes they are, but…)



It looks a wee bit like the US military may have been forced into a ‘campaign too far’. Still with a national debt in the $squizillions a few hundred more millions of dollars should be neither here nor there.

I wonder whether every Joe America knows that his personal share of this debt is in the region of $50,000? (…or if he’s a tax payer that it’s nearer $130,000?) God bless help America if for some reason their creditors call in the paper!


International political cartoonists picture the Libyan leader (soon to be ex-leader?) in a variety of ways. Funny, none are complimentary!

And, of course there are the associated points of view!!
My thanks to the cartoonists of the world who are so insightful, clever and willing to take a stand.


Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain featuring on news reports repeatedly. What do they have in common? One can probably come up with a bunch of factors, but the one that I ‘enjoy’ most of all is the part that modern communications technologies have played in all of them.

Pity some of our western societies don’t start using these technologies for more sensible uses than organising teenage booze-ups or abusing or insulting others.

Cartoons by Tom Scott, New Zealand political cartoonist.