The Old Drover.

Drover: “Give me three packets of condoms, please.”

Cashier: “Do you need a paper bag with that, sir?”

Drover: “Nah…. She ain’t that ugly.”



What an absolute nonsense- an ‘English’ footballer

Carlton Cole, England striker.


is to be sanctioned after his joke posted on Twitter was deemed ‘inappropriate’ by the PC Soccer Policeman, Lord Herman Ouseley (head of ‘Kick It Out’, football’s equality and inclusion campaign.)

The comment. that is so obviously meant as a joke should be left to be just that, A JOKE!!!! Such jokes are made all the time and people shouldn’t have to be continually ‘looking over their shoulder’ to check that there isn’t some wanky PC whiner behind them who run to equally wanky PC authorities because they have no sense of humour.

Perhaps there is a defensive reaction in this from the powers that be whose past actions have led to sometimes ‘delicate’ situations involving race. Had governments not developed such open ‘open door’ immigration policies driven by a collective sense of misplaced responsibility arising out of the colonial years I’m sure there would not be the sense of ‘them and us’, and the underlying antagonism of the indigenous populations.

Cole is possibly well qualified to make such jokes by virtue of his heritage anyway- he has a Nigerian father and Sierra Leonean mother.

Oh well, get out the wet bus ticket!


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