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Wandering around and wondering I came to, well actually this time I was referred to @NewZealand’s website (which obviously I’d done some wee time ago having been guest curator as @NewZealand for a really enjoyable week!) and went a little deeper than the introduction ‘front page’. It surprised me somewhat when I discovered my surname in the list of ‘tags’!

Hmmmm- my name. Me? Naturally I clicked on the link and it took me to a message that I had not posted anything yet.

I beg to differ!! If you are interested just pop across here to see that I have posted once or twice! Not on this site, admittedly but on my own blog, and it is that blog which probably prompted me to put my name forward for the stint at curation. It’s a pretty generalist blog as I don’t really carry any torches or (nowadays) have a career-based focus having retired a few years ago. I do have a pretty wide experience base arising out of years as a teacher and having lived in many parts of this country that I love. I also come from a generation who had a knowledge based education as opposed to the rather more abstract ‘processes’ education children are encouraged in today (I have no wish to debate the benefits of one over the other- it’s just that a good general knowledge was one of the outcomes of the former.) It’s this that motivates much of the stuff I do as well as developing the odd ‘bitter vetch’ ever so occasionally but never wishing to be too philosophical, preachy or too judgmental.

So- I have posted here now, and I invite you to view other efforts ‘over there’ over here!!



I’ve been blogging for a while now but as my reasons for doing so are fairly lightweight (just do it because I sort of like writing and this is one way to, in part satisfy this, I have opinions on various things and this is one way I have of airing those opinions, I have a sense of humour and this is one way of allowing me to share things I find funny [hey! I can’t help it if you don’t share my sense of humour!! :)] and I find lots of things ‘interesting’ and this is a way of sharing those things, too.)

It was interesting for me then to receive a message from my site host that gave me a bunch of stats for the year. It’s not going to break any records or lead to a Pulitzer or anything like that, but a few of the figures did make interesting reading for me.

# My blog was viewed by people from 102 countries.
# Most visitors were from New Zealand (not surprisingly) but the UK and US were ‘not far behind’.
# My blog was viewed by someone from every EU country.
# My blog wasn’t visited by anybody from (among others) Greenland, the Malagasy Republic, Iraq, Iran, Myanmar (can’t get used to that- Burma) Bolivia, East Timor, Republic of Congo or China (now there’s a surprise, eh!!??)
# The number of people who viewed my blog in ’13 would require 4 New York subway trains to be transported from one place to another.

Thank you to all those who did visit, especially to my most regular visitor, Trish. Love ya, Trish. I hope I will continue to be able to offer something of interest to you all, if just occasionally.

Have a great 2014 everybody- nga mihi o te tau tou.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for my blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 12 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

A Happy New Year to all my blog viewers. I hope I continue to find things of some interest to you!

Page 82, Sentence 3.

Women make up over 40% of the newer students. Does this mean they make up just under 60% of the older students? Or might it mean something completely different?

Quite frankly I don’t care one way or another! The reason I started this post with that sentence was that another blogger had a post that was intended to make suggestions on how other bloggers might get (or use) ‘inspiration’. What she suggested was that you pick up the nearest book to you, turn to page 82 and use the 3rd complete sentence on that page somewhere in your next blog post. (Get the title now?)

I guess it’s in part intended to get over, around or through writers’ block. This hasn’t become an issue for me- if I can’t think of anything to turn into a blog post, guess what? I don’t post! Pretty simple, huh? Of course there are probably thousands no, tens of thousands no, hundreds of thousands – LOTS of bloggers who do so for some kind of reward , either in cash or kudos and so have certain expectations put on them, but I’m not one of those so if I don’t get a bright idea, or have an opinion to make, or a gripe to grizzle about or just a cool photo or place to share, I don’t bother.

Occasionally this DOES lead to slight pangs of conscience- do my followers (and bless each and every one of them!!!) expect me to be putting stuff out there on a regular basis? Do they expect pearls of wisdom or promotions of places I enjoy each hour/day/week? I don’t know but I suspect not (so the pangs are only slight). I’m sure that there would be some way of a message to get through if this was the case, so in the absence of such a message I proceed merrily on with the philosophy of “if I have I will, if I don’t I won’t” sort of thing.

So, there you are, Jackie- I worked the 3rd complete sentence on page 82 of “The EVERYTHING GOLF BOOK” into my next post (this one.) How did I do? I’m certain this wasn’t what you intended, but what the hoo?

Have a lovely day, everybody.


This is quite interesting- I rank 156 in New Zealand top 274 blogs. This is more interesting- I rank 156 in New Zealand’s top 274 blogs, despite not posting on a regular basis. I am a little ashamed to say that I have not posted since a month or so ago (and this is something I must do a little more about than silliness such as this one,) BUT I do find it interesting at what ‘position’ I sit on the rankings ladder!

I hasten to add I’m not about to trumpet that 156 is pretty good any more than I am about to say I could or should do better! I have no real aspirations to be #56 rather than #156 because this is a simple hobby and it’s not driven by any sense of righting wrongs, pointing fingers, preaching or proselytising, making points (political or otherwise). I do enjoy writing ‘this and that’ about New Zealand ‘heres and theres’ but I really only wish to keep it as a hobby and occasional thing.

So what’s interesting, I suppose, is that once something (such as a blog) is ‘out there’ it generates a bit of an audience and this audience can become self-sustaining. I note I have some followers and I assume these are regular readers just as long as I post regularly, and I have links to social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) and these will generate visitors when I post but I imagine most of my traffic are casual visitors who might be searching for information and stumble upon Kutarere’s Blog as a result of tags.

So! 156, eh!!


Welcome to me wee patch of the blogosphere, and thank you so much for taking a moment to see if the visit was worthwhile!!

Each year there are various awards and rankings done on a wide range of things, and it appears that blogs are not to be left out in the cold. “TechDay” is a multi-faceted technology website that has a range of awards ‘up for grabs’ and blogs is one of them. On this site it hosts a poll by “NetGuide” a popular New Zealand internet info magazine.

I don’t really think ‘BEST’ is on the horizon for my blog when it comes to comparing it with specialised blogs around the country, around the world, BUT if my site has given you any enjoyment, a bit of mirth, maybe a bit of food for thought, or a modicum of common sense, home-baked advice, or even some new information on the country I live in and love you might be good enough to consider clicking the following link and casting a vote for this blog.

If you do, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you don’t I thank you anyway for visiting, and welcome any comments you might like to leave, and hope that you will return from time to time.

Be well, happy, and helpful to your fellow Man (or Woman, child, dog or…)



Bugger! Bad start to this post- the Junior All Blacks came up short of a century by scoring only 92 points in their rugby match against Wales in Italy a wee while ago! That Wales didn’t score is, quite frankly cold comfort seeing this post is about centuries and the young men didn’t make it!! Great result, Boys, nonetheless, and I bet all of the Home Unions paid close attention to it!

Everyone knows that 100 of things can be referred to as a “century” so I propose to present a few interesting items on that subject.

100 years is a century and I suppose this has always been the case. Since when? Buggered if I know and I doubt that all of the astronomers, astrologers, theists and atheists of the world could really help me, BUT there are a couple of neat things here- Did you know that there are 2 1st Centuries? Come on, of course you do- 1st Century BC and 1 st Century AD. BUT here’s the interesting bit- there is no Zero Century! And neither is there a ZeroBC or ZeroAD between 1BC and 1AD. Go figure.

100 runs in the game of cricket is called a century and it is (another) something I have never achieved in my life. There are numerous very good cricketers around who have, some of them many times! Sachin Tendulkar from India currently has the record for Test Centuries having scored 57, and One Day Centuries, 48.

A person who lives for 100 years is called a Centenarian. That’s also another thing I haven’t achieved, but if I hang around for a few (well, quite a few) more years, you never know. All of my forebears have lived to ripe old ages, but… If you make the ton (hundred) then the next goal is much easier- it’s just 10 more years to become a supercentenarian! (Currently the oldest living person is Maria Gomes Valentim who is a spritely 114 year old Brazilian woman. Go Maria!!)

Oh, I almost forgot!!! THIS MAKES MY CENTURY OF POSTS ON THIS BLOG!! Yay me!!

Should I Be Here?

Short answer is probably, “No”. I’m doing this at work (yeah, I know- on the boss’s time and all that stuff!) but I don’t have a big pang about this as this is almost part of my job! I am an IT teacher and I am sort of in the process of ‘doing’ blogging with the senior kids, and so while they are beavering away at their world-shattering observations and commentary, I am doing similarly- modelling? Yeah! Right!

Anyway back to my question. I am feeling like death warmed up and have streaming eyes and intermittent sneezes and thus I am probably a walking disaster for those around me. In such a state I suspect it accomplishes very little ensuring regular hand-washing, covering mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing, and any of the other health poster guidelines (although, of course they’ll minimise health hazards as much as is possible!) But our classrooms are very often places where people who really shouldn’t be there spend their days. Kids sent by working parents who can’t (or won’t) find home care for them or teachers who are ill and infectious but who can’t be replaced because relievers are not available (or won’t be replaced because they don’t want someone else running their class.) And, of course hard surfaces that must harbour squizillions of nasties just waiting to spoil someone’s day!

But I am here, and so are at least 3 kids today who shouldn’t be, and I think another teacher elsewhere in the school who would be doing herself and her colleagues and pupils greater service by being elsewhere.

So why are we here? The children’s presence is explained in part by parent’s circumstances, in part by parent’s attitudes, or in part by the desire of the kids to rather be here than at home. But the teachers? I think there are a number of factors here as well- some teachers may have used up their sick leave, some may prefer to not have the potential disruptive effects of less than wholly effective relievers, some may not be well organised enough and a bit afraid of being discovered as being so by another taking over, some may feel that if they could ensure a ‘proven’ reliever would be in charge they’d stay home, some may feel that what is planned for that day requires them to be here, and of course so are just so damned dedicated they think even performing below par is worth the effort of getting out of their sick-bed to be at school. (They ARE NOT here because there is no reliever available- that’s management’s problem.)

So why am I here? Because my role directly effects at least three other teachers’ plans for the day it’s less disruptive than re-scheduling the day another time when I’m feeling better, and because I am not replaced by a reliever if I call in sick it’s simply more expedient and convenient for all if I turn up (so no high principles involved!)

And, actually I’m fibbing. I’m not doing this at school, and I am not feeling like death warmed up with streaming eyes and sneezes, but you get the idea?