Paris Atrocities

Overnight we learned of a number of bombings and shootings in The City Of Love. Social media erupted with messages of every hue- there were masses of sympathetic messages, as were there those of anger, horror and outrage and sadly there were some that left one cold with their cynicism, their hatred, their bigotry, their lack of any sense of empathy with the victims or their loved ones. It was all quite thought-provoking.

I have to say though, the thought that was provoked in me was the comparison to be drawn between the international reaction and responses to the Paris bombings and those recently in the Middle Eastern cities of Beirut and Baghdad. The same social media that was ablaze with horror at the Paris bombings and shootings, then support and prayers for the city and people involved was strangely silent when the outrages in Lebanon and Iraq happened.

Why is this? The perpetrators of the crimes were (apparently) the same so shouldn’t the anger and outrage be the same? It would seem that the ‘rest of the world’ sets different yardsticks for their condemnation. Can it be that because the Baghdad and Beirut bombings were in ‘Muslim’ or ‘Arab’ cities and (most of) the victims were similarly Middle Eastern they don’t matter? If this is so then the world is in a sadder state than I thought it was.

To ‘accept’ such assaults on any innocent and unsuspecting populations is inhuman, and to not be outraged is, in my mind inexcusable.

I was moved by this piece – I hope it also gives you food for thought.