Life Sucks

I have never liked the saying ‘Life Sucks’.

In fact I have never liked the term ‘sucks’ as applied to anything other than an intake- of breath, of milk up a straw or even a heavy drag on a cancer-stick (for those that do it).

But I am willing to use it today because of a piece of news I received last evening. My sister has been diagnosed with cancer. It is breast cancer and she has been scheduled for breast removal so I’m assuming it’s somewhat advanced as other treatment has been by-passed. It is perhaps not life-threatening because it was not in my mother’s case when she had it and a double-mastectomy many years ago.

Oh, I hadn’t mentioned that had I. Yes, my mother had breast cancer in her fifties, but she survived it and lived to the ripe old age of 92 before passing after a decade or so of dementia. So I suppose we can say at times that while life can be cruel it isn’t always ‘life threatening’.

cancer avoid

I spied this and while it made me laugh a little it reinforced my view that ‘life sucks’ because, while my mother led a life somewhat removed from what the doctor prescribes (and lived to 92!) my sister is almost a paragon. She never smoked, has never drunk enough to be considered a ‘drinker’, eats sensibly and has been quite active all of her adult life and indeed even now in her 77th year. (As an aside, she also doesn’t involve herself in “internet bullshit”.)

So I guess it just comes down to luck whether the ‘chips fall your way’ or not and there seems to be little we can do to lengthen or shorten the odds even if we lead apparently ‘healthy’ lives. Given the amount of work that’s going on in the world in the field of cancers research I’m guessing in time there will be ways of altering the odds but I doubt it’s going to happen in my time.

I understand there are gene tests that can be done to establish susceptibility to cancers and thus early preventive treatment and this is something that my children may well consider. I hope they do because the extra wrinkle in this tale is that my brother died from melanoma at the tender age of 42.

Life sucks.

Life didn’t seem to suck anywhere near as much or as often when I was young back in the ‘olden days’, or is it just that we didn’t recognise ‘things’ as we do now, thus we didn’t know it sucked?