Get Off Your Bum!

I have been very slack for a while now- I’ve not put anything here for sooo long.

I suppose I could come up with all sorts of excuses for not having posted on this wee blog for so long, but that’s all they would be- excuses. They wouldn’t be legitimate reasons I think. The only legitimate excuse/reason would be I haven’t been bothered.

OK- that’s fair enough, but is it!? If you start one of these online projects surely it should be important enough to surpass being not bothered. I think initially that was my feeling and now I think that is also my feeling.

So saying I make this commitment to ‘Kutarere’s Blog’ – I will do better. (This of course has absolutely NO undertaking to quality as much as it is an undertaking to quantity. It will be a happy coincidence if it achieves both.)

Watch this space- I will be back….soon.

Thank you to those who have followed me- I hope I can justify your faith in me. (smiles sweetly.)


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