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Wandering around and wondering I came to, well actually this time I was referred to @NewZealand’s website (which obviously I’d done some wee time ago having been guest curator as @NewZealand for a really enjoyable week!) and went a little deeper than the introduction ‘front page’. It surprised me somewhat when I discovered my surname in the list of ‘tags’!

Hmmmm- my name. Me? Naturally I clicked on the link and it took me to a message that I had not posted anything yet.

I beg to differ!! If you are interested just pop across here to see that I have posted once or twice! Not on this site, admittedly but on my own blog, and it is that blog which probably prompted me to put my name forward for the stint at curation. It’s a pretty generalist blog as I don’t really carry any torches or (nowadays) have a career-based focus having retired a few years ago. I do have a pretty wide experience base arising out of years as a teacher and having lived in many parts of this country that I love. I also come from a generation who had a knowledge based education as opposed to the rather more abstract ‘processes’ education children are encouraged in today (I have no wish to debate the benefits of one over the other- it’s just that a good general knowledge was one of the outcomes of the former.) It’s this that motivates much of the stuff I do as well as developing the odd ‘bitter vetch’ ever so occasionally but never wishing to be too philosophical, preachy or too judgmental.

So- I have posted here now, and I invite you to view other efforts ‘over there’ over here!!


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