The Coast

It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks weather-wise on The Coast and the settled, no-wind cloudless days have meant that the sea has settled down and is now the bluest it gets. There is little chance of discolouration as the silt-carrying rivers are also clear and low, and of course with little sea movement there’s no sea-floor sediment being stirred up.

For all those living on The Coast the views are wonderful. My immediate neighbours actually have a neat wee bach some way up The Coast- it’s at ’13 mile’ so that will give you a good idea of how far from Greymouth it is? And it is right on the coast having been built on a rock promontory between the road and the sea. In this photograph you can just about make it out in the patch of bush between the rocks and the road and in line with the base of the bluff in the far distance.WP_000188(Of course it would have been easier to spot were it not painted dark, dark grey but a shocking pink crib would be a bit out of place, really, now wouldn’t it!) As well as being in a fabulous site it also has a novel addition- there is a stream that flows from the range over the road, under the road to the sea just beside the bach. Its route to the sea has been halted, though, by the clever but very simple strategy of a concrete wall being built between the road and the sea. The result is a lovely fresh-water pool some 5 metres long and a few wide. A lovely place to loll in the heat of a summer’s day with a long cool something in hand.

You can clearly see the rocks that are the extension of that promontory and it is those rocks that enable the place to survive. Survive?

Indeed, because (contrary to common belief) the weather isn’t always as beautifully fine and settled as it has been for the last couple of weeks, and just occasionally the seas get up, driven hard at the shore by strong sea winds. It is on these occasions that the little bach at ’13 Mile’ comes into its own. Rough days are special here because one really gets the impression that the lounge (well certainly the front deck) are in dire danger of being swamped by the breakers crashing on the rocks below. You may think that sounds OK, but have a look at just how close those ‘rocks below’ truly are!!WP_000316Impressed? You should be. And these pics were taken on a reasonable unnotable day!WP_000318See that the front deck drops directly onto the rocks being beaten by the sea!

It’s a pretty common occurrence at ’13 Mile’ to have such views just outside your front door and clearly it’s not on those days that you will loll in the fresh-water pool, sun-bathe on the deck, or have a barbie. But what you can do is sit inside (with or without a tall something in your hand) and indulge in some quality witty repartee! And inside there is this lovely touch, a window (to no-where) that has been installed just beside the wonderful open fireplace that keeps the place cosey on the chilly winter’s nights.WP_000324Nice touch? I think so.


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