Non-gift Gifts

It seems to me that too many people have bought in to the spiraling cost of presents regime and have managed to look some way past the “it’s the thought that counts” philosophy. Of course it’s lovely to get the gifts and one is able to profess “Oh, you shouldn’t have…” etc., but…

My children are wonderful gift-givers. They often don’t spend a great deal of money but they put a LOT of thought into the gifts they give. Sometimes it may even be a wee something that they have made themselves. I had a wonderful gift a couple of years ago that wasn’t even a gift! Huh? What’s a non-gift got to do with ‘best’?

My youngest was away for a year’s OE and of course we had her itinerary that had her returning to NZ about mid January and we were looking forward eagerly to seeing her. Imagine my delight when I answered a knock on the door early on Boxing Day and my baby was there! It was slightly after Christmas but it was the best present I received that year.

And then THIS YEAR! Admittedly there are a few days until Christmas but I was on the phone to my son last evening when he quietly dropped the ‘F’ word into the conversation. Huh? What’s an expletive deleted got to do with a ‘best’ gift?

The ‘F’ word was ‘fiancee’!!!! Congratulations, Son! Welcome to the family, Nikki!

Merry Christmas Mum and Dad!


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