Those Who Can, Do: Those Who Can’t, Teach.

What nonsense. These people ‘DID’.

I don’t pretend I will remember their names until my dying day but I can promise I will remember what they did.

Victoria Soto

Dawn Hochsprung

Mary Sherlach

Lauren Gabrielle Rousseau

Anne Marie Murphy

These women were staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School and they all died at the hands of a crazed killer who came into the school, after shooting his mother to death, and also took the lives of 22 children between the ages of 5 and 10.

They are all heroes in one way or another even though none of them would have any intention of being so. They were dedicated to the children they taught and will have seen the welfare of these children as being their foremost concern and when they saw these children were threatened they would have been terrified but would have put the safety of their children above all else.

Nobody can know the specifics of what they did as individuals but I know that, as teachers they would have put their own safety behind the interests of their charges.

I do not know you, I doubt I will ever learn too much about you, but I will always remember that you were caring and dedicated teachers who lost your lives in an unspeakable act by a person whose name should be forever expunged from the chronicle of man’s achievements. Your names will remain there, highlighted as an example of how honourable people behave.

PLEASE, PLEASE visit this and cry as I did.


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