The Hobbit

The Hobbit launches today in Wellington, New Zealand and it certainly appears that the ‘Biggest Little Capital In The World’ has risen to the challenge. The day has dawned beautifully fine, the locals are getting dressed up and are on the streets ten hours before the stars take the 600m walk along the red carpet, and the local media are salivating over the 5 minutes of interview time they have been offered with various Hobbit people leading up to the main event at 4pm this afternoon.

There is little doubt Peter Jackson is a great Director/Producer and Wellington (or is that ‘Wellywood‘?) and the rest of New Zealand are justifiably proud of the work he has done and the focus he has brought to our nation.

I live in a part of New Zealand that is close to many of the sites where different parts of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings trilogies have been filmed in and it is quite neat when driving to think that ‘just over that hill’ hobbits roamed, dwarves grumbled, orcs charged or armies of thousands charged. It’s not difficult to picture these events given the wondrous country that we casually drive through and pretty much take for granted.

There is a definite sense of pride among many (most?) New Zealanders that we are world leaders in movie making and utilising new and innovative technology and we look forward to more and more films being made here, and the associated tourist industry continuing to grow to cater for the zillions of visitors who visit our shores to experience the beauties of Middle Earth.

So is Wellington just Wellywood today or is it perhaps Hobbiton for a day?


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