Page 82, Sentence 3.

Women make up over 40% of the newer students. Does this mean they make up just under 60% of the older students? Or might it mean something completely different?

Quite frankly I don’t care one way or another! The reason I started this post with that sentence was that another blogger had a post that was intended to make suggestions on how other bloggers might get (or use) ‘inspiration’. What she suggested was that you pick up the nearest book to you, turn to page 82 and use the 3rd complete sentence on that page somewhere in your next blog post. (Get the title now?)

I guess it’s in part intended to get over, around or through writers’ block. This hasn’t become an issue for me- if I can’t think of anything to turn into a blog post, guess what? I don’t post! Pretty simple, huh? Of course there are probably thousands no, tens of thousands no, hundreds of thousands – LOTS of bloggers who do so for some kind of reward , either in cash or kudos and so have certain expectations put on them, but I’m not one of those so if I don’t get a bright idea, or have an opinion to make, or a gripe to grizzle about or just a cool photo or place to share, I don’t bother.

Occasionally this DOES lead to slight pangs of conscience- do my followers (and bless each and every one of them!!!) expect me to be putting stuff out there on a regular basis? Do they expect pearls of wisdom or promotions of places I enjoy each hour/day/week? I don’t know but I suspect not (so the pangs are only slight). I’m sure that there would be some way of a message to get through if this was the case, so in the absence of such a message I proceed merrily on with the philosophy of “if I have I will, if I don’t I won’t” sort of thing.

So, there you are, Jackie- I worked the 3rd complete sentence on page 82 of “The EVERYTHING GOLF BOOK” into my next post (this one.) How did I do? I’m certain this wasn’t what you intended, but what the hoo?

Have a lovely day, everybody.


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