I have some very good friends (who I have never met and may never meet, although I do hope that we are able to ‘join up’ at some time not too far away) who I wrote about here some time ago. We correspond by email quite regularly (if not frequently).

They live in a lovely areain Lodz, a city some 120kms from Warsawin Poland so not surprisingly there tends to be a slightly repetitious theme recurring in our emails and that is the weather- when it’s high summer here and gorgeously sunny and warm my friends will be standing knee-deep or worse in snow and freezing their thingies off. Of course it works the other way around, too, but as I live on the coast in New Zealand we seldom, if ever see snow at home nowadays. (This is not to say there aren’t places in New Zealand where it snows- there are, and it does, but not on me.)

Their home sits on a roomy section with a large front yardwith lawn and trees and is opposite a large parkland that is criss-crossed by paths that wander through trees,past and over green spaces and past lakes, and must be a wonderland of colour during these late autumn days.My friends, Malgo and Roman are keen outdoors people and I’m sure this will be a favourite place to walk no matter what time of year.I got an email from them the other day that (sort of) celebrated the first snowfall of winter.It started out mentioning that the fall was light and seemed to just be a bit of a warning might be coming further into winter.

I got another email a day later that generously praised me for my reply to them but went on to tell me that rather than just being a light dusting it had snowed quite heavily.So the intrepid adventurers they are went forth into the beautiful wilds of the park over the roadand met peoplewho tend to come out at such times! They expressed the view that snow can be such a money and time-waster when it lies on the roads and walkways so deep that it must be moved away before the population can get around and live a normal life.

Of course there are those who suffer somewhat more when it snows, and they must them don at least a hat and stole just to look a little warmer(ish) if not completely respectable!

While it must be hard and a bit annoying at times it must also be quite special living by and in such a winter wonderland!

Oh! Did I mention that Roman is an exceptionally good photographer?


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