Dirty and Stupid

If there was ever any doubt that dirty players were also stupid I believe that doubt’s been removed by the events that led to the decision to bench Scott Higginbotham for 4 weeks for his cynical and unsportsmanlike actions against Richie McCaw in the last test.

With McCaw lying on the ground Higginbotham first kneed McCaw in the face and then, only moments later in another on-the-ground melee head-butted McCaw while he was being held by another player (I don’t suggest that the other Okker colluded with Higginbotham.)

So that’s the ‘dirty’ stuff- simple thuggery that has no place on any sportsfield, including those involving hard contact.

The ‘stupid’ comes from the environment that Higginbotham committed these offences. For any player to imagine that firstly they would not be seen in such an open game situation by the refereeing team, (it’s not just the bloke in the middle with the whistle who can rule on such infringements- he’s got two ‘touchies’ who are eager to see and report stuff so they have their moment in the limelight too) is a bit of a stretch but the REAL ‘stupid’ is proven by Higginbotham even remotely dreaming he wouldn’t get seen by even just ONE of the several TV cameras that put the game under what almost equates to a microscope nowadays.

In my view the man’s a thug, but it’s clear he’s also a stupid thug!


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