100 Years On

I received an email from a mate of mine yesterday (although it was not new- several friends had sent this to me in the past, but, as they say- that’s another story.) I may be a bit of a chauvinist but I suspect this was originally created by a person of the fairer and, (they would have us believe,) the cleverer sex but whether that is the case or not is somewhat beside the point. I laughed at it when I first saw it, and the next time, and the next time and the next time, and I cracked a bit of a grin this time, too. I must confess I have not tried to verify the dates but again this is a bit beside the point too.

“An interesting but little known fact-The first testicular guard (commonly called a ‘box’) was introduced into cricket in 1874.The first battling helmet was introduced into cricket in 1974.The lesson here is that it took 100 years for men to realise that their brains may ALSO be important!

What I would like to say this time is that rather than this proving it took men 100 years to work out their brains were also important, I think it might simply prove it took that long for fast bowlers to work out how to make the ball bounce higher than a batsman’s nuts!

They can bowl fast but that’s about where the quickness ends!!!


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