One of the banes of most people’s lives is probably telemarketing. We’ve all suffered from them at one time or another and while few are sinister I think we’ll agree that all are annoying. One of the big problems is of course that many will start innocently enough and because of our innate sense of good manners and acceptable social behaviour we tend not to end the call before they have succeeded in altering our calm pre-call state to one of tongue-clicking, eyebrow raising

But to the real purpose of this post. It pays to “be prepared” and this fella clearly has been taken to the point of desperation by repeated calls to making his own preparation. Check this out and I’m sure you’ll both be entertained and 110% behind him. Whether you make your own “preparations” is entirely up to you of course!

I just wonder whether this would work if you were talking to this blokeor one of his many colleagues who are calling from the slums of India or the Phillipines where the pests get paid a paltry few rupees or pesos a day to make our lives miserable, even the more so when we struggle to actually understand what the hell they are talking about!!!

I have to own up to being somewhat less sophisticated than my crime-scene friend- I just tell them ‘no thanks’ and hang up. I intend trying another tack, however that sounds like a winner. When I next receive a telemarketing call I am going to follow another person’s advice and simply ask the caller to hold the line until I get ‘so-and-so’, put the phone down without hanging up and return to whatever I was doing. I’m sure they’ll get the message after a while that ‘so-and-so’ has something better to do.



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