This is quite interesting- I rank 156 in New Zealand top 274 blogs.  http://openparachute.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/september-12-nz-blogs-sitemeter-ranking/ This is more interesting- I rank 156 in New Zealand’s top 274 blogs, despite not posting on a regular basis. I am a little ashamed to say that I have not posted since a month or so ago (and this is something I must do a little more about than silliness such as this one,) BUT I do find it interesting at what ‘position’ I sit on the rankings ladder!

I hasten to add I’m not about to trumpet that 156 is pretty good any more than I am about to say I could or should do better! I have no real aspirations to be #56 rather than #156 because this is a simple hobby and it’s not driven by any sense of righting wrongs, pointing fingers, preaching or proselytising, making points (political or otherwise). I do enjoy writing ‘this and that’ about New Zealand ‘heres and theres’ but I really only wish to keep it as a hobby and occasional thing.

So what’s interesting, I suppose, is that once something (such as a blog) is ‘out there’ it generates a bit of an audience and this audience can become self-sustaining. I note I have some followers and I assume these are regular readers just as long as I post regularly, and I have links to social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) and these will generate visitors when I post but I imagine most of my traffic are casual visitors who might be searching for information and stumble upon Kutarere’s Blog as a result of tags.

So! 156, eh!!


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