Spring Has Sprung…

The old saying went something like- “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where da boydies is?” …or at least that’s what my parents used to say. I recalled that when I saw a few daffodils out the other day in a neighbours garden and then, lo’ and behold this little treasure popped out amongst the ferns and other finery in my garden a couple of days ago.Being only just into August I thought it was a wee bit early, but it wasn’t a surprise given the great trot of weather The Coast has had this year. The last week’s been warm, calm and gorgeous. So! It’s no surprise the daffs are on the bloom. I hope the lambs don’t come out in sympathy because I suspect that September and October are going to bring some stuff they may not enjoy all that much!!! Good luck, lambs.


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