Social Networking

I am of a past age, the one that came before computers. OK, so it was before more than just computers, but that’s perhaps for another day! It was certainly before the Zuckerburgs, the Jobs, the Gates. I was approaching mid-career when computers became available to all. They’d been around for a wee while but it wasn’t until a few bright sparks successfully played around with personalising them and others saw the potential in applying them in education that they sort of became a ‘tool of the masses’, although that tool was, at that time used on a fairly limited basis.

This of course changed as time went by and digital technology got hold but most particularly after Sir Tim Berners-Lee came up with the World Wide Web.

Mr, sorry ‘Sir’ Dubbya-Dubbya-Dubbya changed the world and subsequent developments made it an extension of almost everyone’s life, both from the business and personal perspectives. Social networking became ‘a thing’ and if anything has out-done Topsy’s Shirt in the growth field it must be social networking. And this is evidenced by this amazing illustration.With mobile phones growing off the back of computing technology everybody is now in a position to carry the web in their pockets or purses and many try to make a business out of it. Amazing.

What I wonder about, though, is how much of this ‘stuff’ becomes redundant within weeks (or even days) of it being the flavour of the month (week, day, hour) and being marketed as a ‘must have’.  (Oh- I saw this picture over a week ago so it is very likely that it is very outdated.)


One thought on “Social Networking

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