Worth 1000 Words?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a number of pictures but we might crank back their worth just a LITTLE bit, after all they are ‘graphics’ rather than ‘pictures’ so…

Home gymnasium equipment is becoming very popular, but how long does it hold its charm?

Of course after a workout we might find ourselves a bit tired, but what are the chances of sleep?

Of course if I’m not exercising or asleep I could well be listening to music… of course some of this stretches the ‘music’ label somewhat!

…but we ALL know the lyrics, right?

If the repetitive lyrics get on your wick a bit you might try some other type of leisure activity- go online?

I might try to do a bit of productive stuff but…

…and if that goes pear-shaped I could check on my buds…

Oh well, all on my own I might as well go down town…

…to do my week’s supermarket shopping.

Finally out of the market I’ll get myself some lunch-

Lunch done I make my way back to the car-park…

Well it’s been a very full day so it’s to bed, perchance to dream?

Uh oh! I have a feeling someone’s possibly taken exception to some of this!!!

OK- maybe I can make up for it when we go to that wedding next week.

So you can see graphics are almost as good as ‘pictures’ but just not quite worth ‘a thousand words’. Hehe.


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