Just A BIG Drop.

The South Island of New Zealand seen from the International Space Station

This is quite mind-boggling. We look at our world and can’t but agree with those who call it the ‘blue planet’ given that such a huge area of the surface of it is covered by oceans and seas, somewhere in the region of 70% in fact.Add to that we have thousands of rivers,and thousands and thousands of lakes.Don’t forget, too, our ice-caps in the Arctic and Antarctica, to say nothing of the snow capped mountainsand glaciers all over the world.We can also look up and on many, many days we will see cloudsand of course clouds are…? And finally we have stupendous volumes of ground water, water we seldom see until it’s fiercely ejected as geysersor bubbles up in springs, or is sucked up by farmers to dowse their thirsty crops. Water. So it’s clearly fair enough we call it the ‘blue planet’.

But! Look!This great graphic illustrates how big a bubble ALL of the water on Earth would create. Yes, it’s a BIG bubble but it’s only around 860 miles or 1400 kilometres in diameter. Yes it’s a VERY big bubble but it is just the driving distance from Whangarei to Invercargill, or thereabouts, and we can see from the second picture above how truly insignificant that is in the context of the true size of the world.

So, PLEASE don’t waste your water, we don’t have a whole helluva lot to spare.

(Of course ‘wasting’ as in pouring down the drain or making it non-potable is vastly different from ‘wasting’ as in using it up and removing it from the total supply we have because that doesn’t happen. All the water we ever had we still have. Whether it is still the beautiful, clean and fresh water that it once was is up to us.) 

Thanks BB for the great image…and by the way you can experience all of these beautiful sights and many more if you visit New Zealand. See you down here one day!


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