Full Time Jobs.

Our New Zealand government (and I didn’t capiltalise the word intentionally because I don’t believe they are worthy of a capital letter!!) are continually announcing falls in unemployment numbers, and reductions in host who are on unemployment benefits, but the fact seems to paint a different picture. If I am permitted to do so I would offer them a bit of advice here. This is a fantastic employment opportunity and imagine what benefit it offers our country. Those who are found suitably skilled to do the wide range of tasks involved would, when signed on, comprise a driven team who have individual and group strengths that would ensure they would become a very motivated and proud group employed for a vital task- to keep the towns and cities throughout the land ON TIME!!! Who would not be satisfied fulfilling such an  essential role in the community!!!

Each team has a range of skill-sets- you’ll need someone who knows the intricacies of erection and de-erection of quick-fit scaffolding, (such as a ladder?) some able to efficiently and smoothly implement joining, un-joining and re-joining construction elements (hammer-and-nailing boards?) someone for the pivotal task of scheduling, monitoring and implementing quick changes and, of course each team will have a supervisor/leader who is able to oversee the smooth working of the group but is also suitably qualified to tell time.

If our government really wish to knock a hole in the unemployment numbers, set up a team as above- (as many as 10 in number?) in every city, town and village in the country. You do the maths!!!


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