Hoho!! This could be fun!

Just ‘discovered’ ‘Tweetvox’, a new(ish) online application that enables people to post ‘verbal tweets’ (which is probably why it has earned itself the nickname of ‘Witter’!)

With Twitter one is able text messages to philosophise, grizzle, brag, link or simply post news or nonsense (no abuse, please) in 140 characters or less. With Witter (Tweetvox) you are able to post verbal messages of up to 2 minutes! Wow! Imagine the rubbish one can fit into 2 minutes!!!

In fact I think that people will be hard-put to actually use their whole 2 minute allowance unless they do plenty of preparation and to me that sort of flies in the face of the online messaging immediacy and spontaneity. Still I don’t doubt that there will be people out there who will carry on talking because they will feel cheated if they don’t use their full entitlement!! Hey ho!

I reckon, also, there are going to be a whole host of people who will do dumb things- for example I heard one ‘post’ that had about 20 seconds of mastication. Yep- the sound of chewing!! Give me strength- how does someone think that’s clever or funny? Remind me not to ‘favourite’ THAT dork!

Anyhoo, I’m gonna give it a bit of a chance and look forward to at least some entertaining or edifying stuff.


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