Fonterra Milk

I am a bear of little brain (not very little- give me some credit!!!) and there are often things that I have difficulty getting my head around. One of the latest (although it has perplexed me for many years) is why we seem to pay so much more than other nations for our primary products? Of course this is topical because there is public outcry that we are being made to pay so much for milk. In New Zealand we pay $1.80-$3 a litre of milk. In Australia you would pay $1, in England 90c, in the Netherlands 75c, in Germany 80c, in Ireland $1, and in the United States $1.10. Can this be right?

I have seen no explanation that has come close to justifying this discrepancy. Seldom am I able to buy a litre of milk for much less than $3 because I live in ‘the provinces’ where retail competition is practically non-existent. (Fortunately my wife and I don’t drink a lot of milk so we make a litre last a while. What came first- the over-pricing or the under-using, I don’t recall.)


By the way I also think all (all?) of our other primary products- cheese, lamb, beef (OK, meat), fish as well as fruit and vegetables are too expensive in New Zealand. So there.


4 thoughts on “Fonterra Milk

      • It IS wrong and I could get really annoyed about the whole issue, but to be honest I don’t see the point in getting worked up about something I cannot influence – I’d rather get on with my life (and just watch where I shop in New Zealand)

      • Certainly no point in stewing, and while I won’t go sour like an expensive glass of old NZ milk, I will continue to grizzle (and drink less milk!!!) 🙂

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