Sad day for a Welsh rugby club who find themselves in such dire straits that they have one simple (simple?) choice- sell a treasure or fold. I commend these people that they have decided to sell a treasure.

As a New Zealander I can empathise with those who will be wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth- the treasure is a treasure indeed- I doubt that there are any more than a handful of these jerseys anywhere in the world. The 1905 ‘All Blacks‘ touring team were the start of an incredibly successful ‘brand’- ALLBLACKS. Today the ‘All Blacks’ are the most feared rugby union team in the world, and have been within a point or two of that position for many, many years. To beat the ‘All Blacks’ is the pinnacle of many (all?) international players’ careers.

The ‘All Blacks’ also represent the passion of a nation and will continue to do so because we do not have the population to be able to dance between ‘games of choice’- rugby is OUR GAME!

So I sympathise but commend the committee of the Tycroes Rugby Club, in Carmarthenshire, Wales for their decision. What is more important? Nurturing THE GAME or collecting memorabilia of THE GAME? Clearly they have decided they need to survive to keep the game alive and have made a hard choice. Hard choice? Maybe not.

Well done, you good old boys- you love the game future more than you love the trappings of the game past! To paraphrase a TV ad- LEGEND!


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