What a very good article this is. The author’s roll of ‘good things’ about Wellingtonkindle very happy memories of the town that I called home for around 20 years. I moved to attend Teachers Training College (in Kelburn in those days) in 1965 at which time I lived a couple of minutes from the iconic cable car that would deliver me to the heart of the retail centre, a few of houses from the beautiful Botanical Gardens, and just a couple of hundred metres from TTC. Such convenience meant the city was where I did ALL of my socialising, where I was entertained, and where I would often go just to spend my leisure time. I became unashamedly a Wellingtonian and despite the fact that these years are new separated by decades I still back the Hurricanes, Wellington cricket, The Phoenix, regularly read http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post and look forward to returning which I often do as two of my children and my grandchildren live there.It is still a GREAT town which (I find) is easy to get around (but I am now a visitor and have more time to do things and less urgency to be places, I suppose) and has HEAPS to do, but I have to agree with what Grant Stevenson says. While there have been fantastic developments over the years there has also been the sense of self-congratulation (“We’ve done that good! now we can put our feet up for a while.”) and something of an ‘ad-hocness about development. This is basically what Stevenson is talking about and it really does have to be turned around if Wellington is retain the label of “The Best Little Capital In The World”.I sincerely hope the Powers The Be pay attention.
PS. These bloody idiots could do quite a lot to improve the image of the city as well!


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