Am I correct in believing ’16VL’ is a censor’s recommendation that the program is suitable for those sixteen years or over because it contains course language and violence? If this is so I am flabbergasted at the values our current censor holds. I am currently watching a programme called “The Take” and for this programme to be cleared as suitable for teenagers is a disgrace.

Initially I thought I might keep count of the number of times the word “fuck” was used given I had seen part of a previous episode (at which time the censor’s ratings were still a mystery to me) but quickly realised that this was an exercise in futility- not because it was a wait between instances of use but because it was the most over-used of expletives on the program. This is not to say that there weren’t others, but I would assume our censor didn’t have any issue with them if he didn’t have an issue with “fuck” or its various permutations!

I thought that if our censor cleared a programme for our youth it would probably have maintained certain standards of decency but when one of the male stars spoke to another about an exhortation to “suck him off” it became obvious that the censor’s sense of decency and mine were very much divergent.

I thought that in a programme considered suitable for our youth there would be a sense of setting standards of behaviour and retaining some sort of perception of ‘right and wrong’, but in this program a significant number of the stars smoke heavily, consumption or over-consumption of alcohol is the norm,  pregnant women smoke and drink, and children in the programme are confronted with violence, drunkedness and totally amoral behaviour (including extreme verbal and physical spousal abuse). [Note- I make no mention of the morality or lack of such in a programme that is about a group of criminals and their families, their very questionable ‘honour’ system, what qualifies as ‘justice’ in their murky world.)

The censor’s warnings are for ‘violence’ and ‘language’ but there are no warning for ‘nudity’ despite the fact that in the episode I am referring to a woman (the wife of the star’s closest friend/associate) is seen in a bath, and then is forcefully dragged from it, completely naked by the psycopathic star.

The same psychopath then proceeds to violently rape her on screen and then submits her to degrading verbal insults and groping.

It is little wonder that we are having various issues with our youth if these are the standards that the public watch-dog of decency in this country espouses.

The programme disgusts me but what disgusts me more is that our censor considers such a programme is suitable for 16 year olds (albeit with guidance.) DISGRACEFUL!!


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