In banks such as Lloyds and Barclays, directors’ pay now is 75 times that of the average employee. THE WEEK 17.12.11

Since 1980, executive salaries in Britain’s FTSE 100 companies have risen by 4,000% compared to 300% for their employees

Last year, the directors of Britain’s FTSE 100 companies enjoyed an average pay rise of 50% – taking average pay to £2.7m

Almost half of Americans are now classified as ‘living in poverty’ or ‘barely scraping by’

In 2010, General Electric, the largest US corporation, made $14.2 bn profit & paid no US taxes.

Tax favours for favoured Big Businesses.

Is there any reason to believe these trends are not duplicated around the world, especially in ‘developed’ countries? Isn’t right, is it?

Oh, and Peruvians eat around 65 million guinea pigs annually.


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