Ashes At Eden Park.

I see that a Welsh fan is going to spread some of his father’s ashes at Eden Park before the semi-final game between Wales and France tonight. On the one hand I can sympathise with the son and applaud his sentiments, but on the other I don’t believe this is an entirely appropriate place to scatter a loved one’s remains. I am aware there are regulations that impose some restrictions on where you may or may not scatter ashes and I would be very surprised if the Auckland City Council allowed such scattering to happen on any of their many sports grounds around the city, or whether, in fact, ANY local body would allow such a thing to become common practice.

I would have thought, also, that if his Dad was such an avid rugby fan and a loyal Welsh supporter that the Millenium Stadium would have been a mush more obvious place for a son to put what remains of his father.

PS. Whether or not the son was able to carry out his intended ashes spreading, it didn’t do any good, the Welsh Dragons going down 9-8 to ‘Les Bleus’ in a messy game, losing one of their most experienced players to injury, and their captain to stupidity, red-carded for a ‘spear’ tackle..


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