Brash By Name, Brash By Nature?

So the call is going out from one of our resident political gad-flies to legalise marijuana! One can only wonder where such a call would come from for a person who once was a pillar of respectability, indeed who was once the Governor of the New Zealand Reserve Bank, and went on to become the Leader of the National Opposition in the New Zealand Parliament!! (…not that being a politician necessarily precludes one from being a pot smoker- we had a Green (Green Party) one a few years ago who I imagine was likely stoned for a decent chunk of his career in Parliament.) But this fellow is reaching new levels of stupidity with his election platform planks. He’s so desperate he is going overboard in the hope of enticing the other grass-growers to vote for his party. Of course it is only because of him the Party is buggered anyway- he dumped the then Leader, enticed long-time stalwarts to turn against other staunch members, and has successfully frightened the guts of the Party away. Now he’s in a ‘shit-fight’ with the Party’s Epsom candidate who is probably his only hope of actually seeing his Party get back into Parliament! Are we to assume that a supposed 400,000 users around the country are going to turn their loyalties just because he reckons their toke of choice should be legalised?

This is the quality of person that may be given a seat in the Nation’s parliament. One figures if that happens, somehow we might deserve him.


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