Flags representing diversity at North East Valley Normal School.

One of the lines spoken by Mr Geoff Portman in this report on his complaint to a school about the flags it was flying was “We are all one people here and this division is not good for the country.” Who the hell is creating division here? The principal of this North East Valley Normal School explains the reasons for flying a variety of flags, and the ERO report for the school commends the schools for it’s family and wider community relations, yet this person cries “division”!

And does this person believe forwarding clearly racist motivated emails is “good for the country”? I have seen the same or a very similar email and it clearly propounds a theory that ‘we’, (white/Caucasian/Pakeha) are at a disadvantage to other ethnic groups (in New Zealand the email favours Maori, in Australia it favours anybody who’s not white Australian-born Australian, etc., etc.) Whatever our personal views on such matters no-one can claim spreading such propaganda to be the work of someone dedicated to ‘one people’.

The work being done by the school does far more for ‘one people’ than any number of businessmen who forward racist emails. Pull your head in Mr Portman.


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