It is obvious that one’s view of what amounts to ‘terrorism’ can be significantly divergent from others’, and that’s pretty much what the crux of this case is all about. For whatever reasons people first come to Twitter they will inevitably grow into someone a bit different as they tweet more and more, and gather more and more followers (not to mention the growth in the list of more and more people they ‘follow’ and receive twitters or ‘tweets’ from.) I suspect many will sign up to ‘Twitter” initially out of a sense of inquisitiveness just wanting to find what the phenomenon is all about, because a phenomenon it certainly is. I remember when it first appeared on The Net it was simply promoted by asking people to post, in 140 letters what they were doing at the moment. I suppose the developers had some sense that people would actually be interested in what their friends, or their idols/politicians/notables were doing at any time of the day. Whether they actually meant eating, bathing or clearing of bowels was what people should tweet about or not, it was at that level that many started and continue to participate in the world of Twitter- “@ Jojo’s having a calming coffee” etc.. Of course not all did or do but instead use it for commentary, whether political, social or any other involvement, use it to applaud others’ achievements, use it to promote- themselves, favourite sites, issues, etc., or just use it to make a statement or any number of otherwise motivated reasons.

And of course there are the non-thinkers who consider it a place to post facetious and even malicious entries or to ‘re-tweet’ unsubstantiated rumours, for whatever reason they alone know. Such as those posted by this idiot in Mexico, a country in the throes of drug and gang related violence and killings. In a city where there is real reason for fear and alarm he thought it clever to post messages that reported school shootings and/or kidnappings. To what purpose? I can’t imagine any that wouldn’t be for the purpose of fomenting something.

With the advent of the world-wide-web too many people jump at the chance to have their moment of fame (I guess by doing what I am doing right now I could be accused of the same?) and it seems often there isn’t much thought as to what the consequences might be. This is supported by the sense of personal affront that the idiots display when authorities line them up for those very consequences. Fortunately it will generally play itself out without any real harm happening BUT in this situation this can’t be remotely believed to be the case. Innocent and rightly concerned, frightened and protective parents heard the news the posts contained and took them at face value, and the result? BEDLAM. That there weren’t more serious accidents is very fortunate but the potential for damage from such irresponsible acts such as this are pretty obvious. There is too much thoughtless use of words such as ‘bomb’, ‘shootings’, ‘terrorist’ and such-like nowadays- NOT because the words are dangerous but because the implications are sinister. Ask US ‘Homeland Security’.

Throw the book at this person, NOT because he carried out an act of terrorism but because he is an un-thinking dabbler who should know better. IF it can be found that the motivation was more sinister than mischief, grab another couple of books to throw at him.


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