“Enough’s Enough.”

Another gang shooting in East Coast town of Wairoa. I wonder what Detective Sergeant John McCarthy expects the public of Waioroa to do when he says “It was yet another cowardly gang shooting in Wairoa and it’s about time the community stood up and said enough is enough.” Doesn’t he think the majority of the community already think enough is enough? Mayor Les Probert seems to reflect my query given his comments- “We’ve being saying enough is enough for some time. We’ve been to Parliament saying enough is enough. We’ve asked for more laws saying enough is enough. But saying enough is enough isn’t going to prove anything.” And so DS McKay says the community needs to stand up. Weren’t the actions of members of the crowd of spectators a clear indication of ‘standing up’? What does he mean- Confront the patched gangs?  What does he expect- Armed vigilantes? It seems to me that this is not something the community can safely do very much about given the apparent impunity that the gangs seem to be able to operate with. Obviously it’s a big job for the police, but it IS the police’s job, not the community’s. DS McKay would make many friends and allies in Wairoa if he stood up and clearly outlined the police’s strategies for ridding Wairoa of the elements in the gangs who are mindless enough discharge shotguns in public places. Then got on and did it!


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