I received a very disturbing email this morning, not just because of the dreadful pictures contained therein but also (and for me, mostly) because of the message it was delivering.

Firstly, these are the dreadful pictures depicting an 8 year old child being administered the punishment decreed following his being found stealing a loaf of bread, that of having his offending arm run over by the wheel of a car.

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The text in the email states- “An 8 years old child was caught in a market in Iran for stealing bread” Then- “In the name of Islam he will be punished, his arm will be crushed by a car. He will loose forever the possibility to use his arm ever again.” And- “Is this a religion of peace and love?

I agree entirely with the message that such punishment is barbaric, I agree with anybody who condemns a religion that supports such barbarism, I agree that such mal-treatment in the name of ‘justice’ cannot be condoned, BUT I cannot agree with the intent of this email to paint ALL Muslims in the same colour as the fanatical mullahs who undertake to put their own extreme interpretation on the teachings of the Koran. More and more today we are being shown evidence of the excesses of the fanatics and the disciples of the fanatics of world of Islam.

Some time ago I received another email that gave a hugely imbalanced list of many Jewish ‘achievers’ against few Islamics. What the email chose to ignore was all of the beauty, learning, civilisation, etc., that Islam gave the world, but of course when you are pushing a message the last thing you want is balance!

In Iran children are being tortured in the name of Islamic ‘justice’. Shame! In Iraq one Muslim schism is trying to destroy sects they disagree with. Shame! In Afghanistan the Taliban are cutting off the hands of women. Shame! In Libya women are being stoned for apparent adultery. Shame! And so the list goes on. What we aren’t being told, or at least not being told loudly enough is that the majority of Muslims across the globe are also outraged that their religion is being twisted and abused by the fanatics.

And, sadly, more and more we ‘infidels’ around the world buy into the broad-brush approach to condemning all Islam because of the actions of the few. Ban the burkah because every Muslim woman wearing one is either downtrodden or carrying a parcel-bomb under it. Move the mosques as far away from us as possible because they are all madrasahs teaching the young to rise up and blow us to bits. Ban entry into our country to all Muslims because they ‘aren’t like us’ and will breed revolution.

Unfortunately we are pussy-footing around issues because we are fearful of what the fanatics will attempt in the name of their perceived Western bias, intolerance, even hatred. I do believe that the moderate voice of Islam needs to be heard, that the extremists need to be cried out against by those in the Muslim mainstream, but the same can be said in the West with the more extreme versions of so-called Christian groups.

But I am not going to forward the email as it was sent to me because I do not subscribe to the view that Islam is like what those who sent the original message, and those who sent it on would have us believe, a religion that does not preach “peace and love”. If any of today’s religions preach “peace and love”, I doubt they do it any better than the Koran and the original teaching of Allah does.
“Where Would We Be?”



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