How much of what we read, watch, listen to can we ‘take to the bank’? Surely it is the responsibility of all who are involved in reporting the news to be honest, to ‘tell it like it is’. At what stage does the ratings game take over and reporters and their editors get involved in embellishing the story and becoming ‘economical with the truth’?

To what depths will the various media stoop to get or develop a story? Surely an individual’s private phone conversations (or any other application-based resources) are private?

And shouldn’t we be able to expect non-biased reporting? Certainly there is allowance for a particular view in journalist’s blogs or editorials, but one should expect all news reporting to be total and truthful. Report the facts, and all of the facts.

And finally I would expect (as I imagine we all do) a certain standard of delivery to be maintained. If someone’s job is in the media shouldn’t they know how to write, or speak properly? Correctly? The use, and even over-use of ‘you know’, ‘umm’/ ‘ah’/’er’, ‘look’, ‘listen’ indicates to me that a person isn’t completely prepared for what they are talking about or completely confident about the matter when in point of fact they should be. Those who start a reply to a studio question with ‘well’. And so on.

I delight in commentators who can speak without interruption, hesitation- those who know what they want to say and use the correct language to say it. This goes equally for the written word. (There are, of course a decent number of front-line presenters such as newsreaders and front-people who do the job well, but of course so they should given they are paid enormous salaries for what they do.)

What do they actually ‘teach’ on journalist courses? Do they not have expectations of certain standards of honesty, integrity, speaking and writing? What do our various print and mixed media news groups expect of their reporters/presenters? Should they not, on our behalf demand excellent standard and not just point-scorers? I believe so.


One thought on “4th ESTATE

  1. I have a friend taking Journalism in college. I have no idea what standards they do have. I know that when we write we should write real content. I think the news and media are hogwash. Maybe it’s b/c I am 44 years old, LOL.

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