Bugger! Bad start to this post- the Junior All Blacks came up short of a century by scoring only 92 points in their rugby match against Wales in Italy a wee while ago! That Wales didn’t score is, quite frankly cold comfort seeing this post is about centuries and the young men didn’t make it!! Great result, Boys, nonetheless, and I bet all of the Home Unions paid close attention to it!

Everyone knows that 100 of things can be referred to as a “century” so I propose to present a few interesting items on that subject.

100 years is a century and I suppose this has always been the case. Since when? Buggered if I know and I doubt that all of the astronomers, astrologers, theists and atheists of the world could really help me, BUT there are a couple of neat things here- Did you know that there are 2 1st Centuries? Come on, of course you do- 1st Century BC and 1 st Century AD. BUT here’s the interesting bit- there is no Zero Century! And neither is there a ZeroBC or ZeroAD between 1BC and 1AD. Go figure.

100 runs in the game of cricket is called a century and it is (another) something I have never achieved in my life. There are numerous very good cricketers around who have, some of them many times! Sachin Tendulkar from India currently has the record for Test Centuries having scored 57, and One Day Centuries, 48.

A person who lives for 100 years is called a Centenarian. That’s also another thing I haven’t achieved, but if I hang around for a few (well, quite a few) more years, you never know. All of my forebears have lived to ripe old ages, but… If you make the ton (hundred) then the next goal is much easier- it’s just 10 more years to become a supercentenarian! (Currently the oldest living person is Maria Gomes Valentim who is a spritely 114 year old Brazilian woman. Go Maria!!)

Oh, I almost forgot!!! THIS MAKES MY CENTURY OF POSTS ON THIS BLOG!! Yay me!!


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