There was an interesting article in today’s ‘rag’ that struck a bit of a chord with me. I’ve long felt that we are most often the ‘author’s of our own demise’, (or whatever the saying is!!) We can rely on ‘quick-fixes’ but surely we are better advised to manage our lives ourselves to maintain healthy standards? I don’t even pretend to be a steadfast adherent to strict health guidelines, but, as a child of an older generation eating a sensible and balanced diet seems to do it for me. We were eating healthy food before it became the exception rather than the rule as it so often seems to be today. Don’t get me wrong, there are probably a much greater percentage of (New Zealand) families who eat well balanced daily diets than don’t, but the sense is that this is changing somewhat and as a consequence the healtheries industry is burgeoning. Why? Because people believe the publicity that accompanies the products, and feel that by consuming these vitamins and those minerals they are filling a need. Of course with a well- balanced diet the need is not there because people have already consumed the vitamins and minerals in their natural state- food! Naturally we are now of a generation that has a vastly superior range of health diagnostics and if supplements are decided by specialists as a way of improving our own or our dependent’s lives, or if we can get the benefits of naturally occurring elements that we once got from perhaps more readily available sources (such as Omega3 vs expensive fish) then why not? But my overall opinion is with the thrust of the article- eat a well- balanced diet  and the need for supplemental vitamins and minerals will be minimised, and it all seems to be good advice.

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