The actions of ‘pastors‘ of a church in Florida in the United States is completely reprehensible,

This man is a disgrace. And so are those who follow him.

and the fact that the burning of the Islamic holy book, the Koran half a month ago went unreported raises questions.

The reason given for the lack of reaction in The States was that they didn’t want to highlight such a dreadful insult to the Islamic religion and thus, possibly foment violent protest by Believers. OK. I’ll accept that because they said this was the reason, BUT- surely Muslims worldwide would have been more impressed with an out-pouring of condemnation by Americans in America  against Jones’ stunt than they surely would have been by what can easily be seen as endorsement by silence. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams that Muslims around the world, extremist or not, would be impressed by a nation ‘playing it (the burning of the Koran) down’.

I know it’s probably not politically correct to say so but in my view there are extremists living in the US who are just as dangerous as any Muslim nutter anywhere else in the world, and jingoism is alive and very well in the ‘Land of the Free’. It seems that anybody with a radical view (of anything!) can get a following (congregation?) at the drop of a hat, and their right to do so is protected by their wonderful Constitution. The rest of the nation who don’t explicitly subscribe to an extreme point of view may be seen as implicitly supporting the radicals by saying or doing nothing.

Of course not all citizens of the US agree with, support or condone extremists, and to their eternal credit they do what they can to promote normalcy and present the view of ‘the ordinary man‘. It is a pity that too often theirs are the voice in the wilderness. They don’t get the headlines, they don’t get air-time, they don’t have the media banging down their doors for their stories.

And now many have died, some in obscene ways in protests in Afghanistan. What will the Reverend Terry Jones and his colleague Wayne Sapp have to say about that?

Post Script. Mixed reactions to separate events.

pps. See also.

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