Shapelle Corby Self Harming?

Mercedes Corby suspects her sister Shapelle may have set fire to her own hair in an act of self-harm. Quite frankly, I don’t care! The woman was caught trying to bring over 4 kgs of marijuana hidden in her boogie-board bag at Bali airport in 2004. Of course she claimed innocence [and someone who had 4kgs of grass spare put it there I guess -have I seen that on a Tui billboard somewhere?] She was convicted and committed to 20 years jail. Fair sentence? I have no idea, but apparently this is about par for the course in this part of the world (she is fortunate she didn’t try it where the sentence is death as a group of her countrymen did!!!)

My view on this is that if one is prepared to try to make profit from illegal activities then they MUST be prepared to accept the possible consequences. How does the saying go? -do crime, do the time? It’s too easy to try to make a quick buck. It’s too easy to arrogantly think ‘I’m smarter than the authorities’. And then it’s too easy to say ‘set up’, and too easy to expect someone to come to the rescue. But to me it’s something along the lines of the smoke and fire thing, so I believe she is guilty, too, and deserves the punishment.

Aah! That’s the hard bit. She doesn’t like being in jail, in a foreign country, probably with people around her with whom she can’t communicate and in the charge of people who don’t think she deserves care, love, pity, or an easy time, in fact the elements she must have known were the consequences of being caught for her illegal actions. She’s pissed off her government haven’t got her out, but neither should they- I commend Downer for his comments when Corby and her family demanded the Australian government step in on her behalf. What he said should be the sort of advice that any young people should get from their parents irrespective of whether they are world travelers or just growing up in their own back yards.

I see a bit of an irony brewing here. Shapelle Corby will probably be given a reduction in her sentence, whether this time around or at some future time is sort of immaterial, and she will be repatriated to Australia. At that time she will probably make a miraculous recovery from her mental state. She will be mobbed by women’s magazines and newspapers and there will be a bidding war for her story. She will settle for a sum of money that will far, far exceed what she would have got for her drugs had she been able to sell them several times over. She will sign up for TV documentaries for which she will be paid much, much more money than she would have got had she sold her drug stash again and again. There will likely be a film made that she will make very large sums of money from, much larger than than she would have dreamed of from drugs sales. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Burning her own hair off? I guess it got her profile back on the tabloids.


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