There is a lot that makes this interesting reading, not the least, to me is what is NOT there. I think there is cause/effect throughout the recording or reporting of events if one is patient enough to dredge through all that is available.

I suppose I am a bit of a cynic about many things such as the various 9/11 conspiracy theories, alien abductions, chariots of The Gods, and so on and thus I greet theories such as this one with a bit of a jaundiced view. I am certainly not sufficiently well instructed in astro physics or mechanics of continental drift to disallow a hypothesis that suggests the sun and/or the gas giants create a sort of ‘tide’ in the earth’s crust, nor do I spend time gazing at the heavens to establish what is where and when, but I consider myself to be reasonably well educated, with a reasonable ability to reason, and a degree of common sense that encourages me to question the far-fetched.

I will question this article and the supporting articles as long as it only provides events that fit the hypothesis but doesn’t provide proof positive that such alignments and solar occurrences do not or have not happened at times when there were no earthly catastrophes. (Not entirely fair, some might argue because Ring doesn’t claim his theory to be the only explanation for earthquakes, but what the hell!)

What was the state of alignment, for example 12 months ago when Chile was rocked by an 8+ earthquake? And I could probably ask several other questions as to the state of Ring’s gas giants/ sun/moon perigee and alignments in relation to significant ground movements over past decades. I don’t propose to do so, as I haven’t poo-pooed Ken Ring’s theories out of hand, and I am happy to remain a cynical observer- I look forward to the New Zealand Skeptic’s reply!

I don’t know whether I look forward to 20th March with the same degree of mischievous anticipation!


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