1251…22 Sept 2011

156 dead and the count continues. RIP.

The heart of a beautiful city ripped apart by a catastrophic earthquake 6 months after a more severe but further removed quake which had caused extensive damage but no fatalities.  I am so grateful that my family and friends who live in Christchurch were unhurt and their property suffered minimal damage. Thousands were not so lucky, and the nation grieves.

What a huge task to come back from this. Kia kaha, Canterbury.

(Images www.stuff.co.nz)


2 thoughts on “1251…22 Sept 2011

  1. My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch! I am glad to hear that your family is ok. My husband & I visited NZ a couple of years ago. We found it lovely and the people wonderful. This is sad – so sad.

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