Sustainable Energy Generation

Fact- New Zealand has a growing need for energy. Fact- we don’t like nuclear generation. Fact- we don’t want to burn fossil fuels to generate power. Fact- we don’t want to muck up our rivers with hydro dams. Fact- we have yet to exploit geo-thermal generation to its potential. Fact- we have barely begun to think about wave and/or tidal power generation. Fact- wind can easily be harnessed to generate power.

Fact- many complain wind farms create ‘visual pollution’. Fact- nuclear energy creates long lasting lethal by-products. Fact- fossil fuels are a finite resource. Fact- the infrastructure required to get the power from our dams to our cities is visual pollution on a grand scale. Fact- geo-thermal fields are few and far between. Fact- windy places are not. Fact- the sun shines in most parts of New Zealand for significant chunks of each day.

Our governments should be making it easier for Joe Public to become more self-sufficient and self reliant when it comes to power production. There are many areas in New Zealand where it is possible for individual homes to utilise solar panels for power generation but the costs involved preclude serious consideration by most (it would be feasible if one took out a second or third mortgage, but who wants to do that?) There are a number of areas where small wind-turbines could work effectively to produce at least some of ones domestic energy requirements but the costs involved preclude serious consideration… (where have I seen this before?)

How great would it be for all of our cities to have all of their energy requirements generated by that wind farm on the hills ‘out the back’, and a large proportion of domestic requirements in the rural and semi-rural areas being created from the endless elements of sun and wind.

Just a lot of hot air, probably!

Post Script: I am delighted to report that my daughter and son-in-law now generate almost all of their domestic power requirements with solar panels mounted on their roof. On a good day they create a surplus which they sell to our national grid. And this in Wellington whose weather many in NZ malign.


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