Grandma’s Boobs

Air NZ Pulls Billboard.
I am saddened by today’s PC, touchy, wingeing attitudes and how the ability, or possibly more correctly the option to laugh at ourselves is being rapidly eroded. I think the analogy of ‘grandma’s boobs’ is funny. I think the message was neither ageist or sexiest. I think the majority of New Zealanders would find it funny. I DO NOT think it is offensive. I think for our national carrier, Air New Zealand to respond to the negative response of one or two people to the extent of removing the message is pathetic. If the wingers are upset, give them an apolgy for their pathetic attitude, an exhortation to ‘get a life’, and leave the message where it is for the amusement of the majority of New Zealanders who still appreciate a joke, and accept the intention for what it actually was- a joke and not a sexist insult or reflective of an ‘ageist’ attitude.
For God’s sake, you small minded, sad, humourless wingers- be satisfied with making your views known, certainly, but accept that most grandmas and offspring of grandmas will enjoy the billboard when they see it, smile, and get on with their lives without even thinking of taking offense!!


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