Whale Oil Beef Hooked blogger Cameron Slater has been found guilty on a number of counts of breaching name suppression orders, and I suppose there can be little argument that he did, in fact breach orders imposed by judges in a number of ‘high profile’ cases and is, therefore, guilty. That Mr. Cameron’s arguments to have the name-suppression practice either overthrown or at least made less easily applied have to be tested in the law court has achieved its purpose by publicising the campaign but what does this actually achieve? There are many New Zealanders who would agree with Mr. Cameron about name suppression being granted too often and too easily, and I suspect if it came to the point of being voted on there would be significant support for at least a review of the current law. It would appear that Mr Cameron’s efforts to skirt the law by various means has been unsuccessful and through the trial process those who he wished to ‘name and shame’ have been able to retain their anonymity because the court, of course, upholds the suppression orders.

I hope that more Kiwis will lend their support to Mr Cameron’s campaign as too often it seems that suppression orders are granted to ‘the rich and famous’ and not infrequently for what could be argued as specious reasons. Visit Mr Cameron’s blog at http://whaleoil.gotcha.co.nz/


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