Teacher Qualifications.

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”  Albert Einstein.

I see the person who currently performs under the title of Minister Of Education has decided that people who have undergone intensive training in education theory and practice and have earned an education degree over three years will only be salaried at the entry levels while people who complete any postgraduate degree will be near the top of the scale and qualify to move to the top of the scale by completing a Masters in the first year of teaching. Now I do not have issues with teaching professionals becoming more qualified, but I do have issues with the policy that recognises a forestry or aeronautical degree as being better preparation for the job of teaching than a degree that is teaching/education focussed. Neither am I comfortable with a policy that promotes someone who, for the first year in the classroom potentially marks time as classroom practitioner while they complete the requirements of a Masterate (admittedly this extra year’s study will inevitably [one would hope] be education related.) Under this policy are we going to see highly salaried new teachers being mentored (nothing new or wrong with this) and tutored by basic salaried qualified teachers who will only be rewarded for these very important extra duties at the whim of the principal who has salary units available to allocate for ‘extra’ duties or responsibilities?

I know, as a parent I would much rather the person with the responsibility of my child’s formative education be a trained teacher rather than a vet! (Before you start I accept it’s not likely someone would walk away from 5 years study to get a veterinarian degree to become a primary school teacher, but you get my point?)


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