Cezar Taylor, just 6 months old has died because he was shaken and beaten by the ‘partner’ of his mother. WHEN WILL IT END!! New Zealand continues to languish near the top of the list of countries that are unable to protect their children. WHEN WILL IT END?? Babies are being beaten. Babies are being shaken. Babies are being neglected (by being left alone while their parent(s) go out drinking or gambling). Babies are being deprived of the one simple thing they deserve- Love. If you care for/love something you will not abuse it. Is it because they suffered abuse when young? Is it because they didn’t experience love when young? Is this pay-back? WHEN WILL IT END???

How will it end? A friend of mine suggested castration should be used as a punishment but sadly would be too late in many instances. With any luck there will be some rough justice when the bastards responsible for these abuses arrive in whichever prison they are sent to. (Then the bleeding heart liberals will raise a hue and cry about the safety of inmates in NZ Prisons.)

I believe whanau (it is Maori Language Week and we are expected to use Te Reo, but I use the term intentionally) must take responsibility for many of the instances that have achieved notoriety in recent years. Families are not blinkered for any other reason than choice. If they choose to pretend not to see, or to not do anything about improper actions they DO see against their mokopuna they are as guilty as the animals who carry out the abuses.



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