Wellington from Oriental Bay

On a visit to see my daughter, son in law and the 2 grandsons I was ‘out and about’ for the morning and during this wander I was reminded what a great town Wellington is. I lived there for a number of years when I trained to be a teacher and then taught for around 20 years but I guess I took it for granted. This may well be due to the habit of youth to take things for granted but be that as it may I have always had very fond memories of my years there. It is a small city and thereby lies much of its charm.

View from Mt Victoria- another shitty Wellington day!

From many of the delightful hillside (city) suburbs you are within walking distance of the CBD if you are so inclined. Get into the city and everything is there (also within walking distance)! Of course it will depend a wee bit on what you want to do as to where you need to be- eat?  Cuba, Manners, Courtenay Place, waterfront; shop? Willis, Lambton Quay; arts? ALL OVER! entertainment? Manners, Courtenay; have fun? ALL OVER…but the clubs and bars down Courtenay Place give you the chance to lose a mate, find somewhere quieter, check out a different band, dodge dick-heads (not normally too many of those, THANK GOODNESS!), or just try different atmospheres. Of course there are other things to do, but there will be somewhere in this tidy wee town to do them/it. Attend an event? The Westpac Stadium is a lesson to all other NZ cities- put it CLOSE to the after-match entertainment options and make the transport options to and from efficient. (Of course the Event Centre is also smack dab in the middle of all of the above.) Do a bit of interval fitness? The botanical gardens or the waterfront are great places to do the jog if that’s your bag. Above all if you just want to mooch Wellington is a nice place to do it- Wellington Harbour’s water is probably cleaner than the Marlborough Sounds nowadays and the views are superb; the profusion of art around the town is worthy of exploration; there are more coffee shops than you can shake a stick at; the ‘Town Belt’ hides a bunch of secrets; browsing a chunk of history in the Bolton Street cemetery (???), and you could do worse than hopping on a ferry and tootling over the the eastern suburbs. (Oh, and if you are so inclined there are some pretty interesting Houses of [someone’s] God to spend a reflective moment or five in).

Wind? what wind! Beautiful!

Yep- Wellington is a great place to hang out in.


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