France Out Of World Cup

Well, that’s poetic justice!! They were only there by virtue of cheating in the final game of qualifying and the only people in the world who will be crying now are the French, the arrogant French. The same people who bombed the Rainbow Warrior. A proud little boat docked in Auckland, New Zealand. Oh, and New Zealand were eliminated from the FIFA Soccer World Cup, too. But what a completely different scenario. The ALL WHITES played with heart, passion, and without defeat. So they didn’t qualify. There will not be one person in Godzone who will belittle their efforts. They did what few believed they could- they played three draws, they scored 2 goals, and they narrowly missed moving through to the round of 16. In so doing they held the defending Champions to a 1-1 result. (Oh, and the defending Champions [or should that be champions?] Italy were eliminated, too!) They got a huge number of Kiwis talking about soccer (football) who would never have done so before. They made a nation proud. Well done Herbert, Nelsen, Paston and friends. Come home with your heads high.


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