Tiger Woods

Note: I was going to add ‘Gentleman’ to my post heading but I guess that could be stretching things a wee bit given his taste in and involvement with the ‘fairer sex’ over recent years(?), but…

I observed a small incident this morning that spoke volumes of who and what Tiger Woods actually is. I was disappointed the incident passed without comment by the announcers as I believe it was possibly unique and thus deserving of mention. As Tiger emerged from the bridge and walkway from the practice area at the US Open at Pebble Beach the first person he approached and shook hands with (to obvious surprise and delight) was the young score-board carrier (the fella who accompanies the group and updates players scores for the galleries). This action will be the icing on the cake for this young person- initially over the moon to be carrying the board for the #1 golfer in the world and (still) idol to millions, imagine how he would have felt to have been singled out, spoken to, and shaken hands with.

Despite anyone’s opinions of Tiger’s involvement with “off-course substitutes”, the apparent preferential (and deferential) treatment he receives, few if any can doubt he does know what is expected of him. Hopefully the recent teeth-gnashing, finger-pointing, tut-tutting and hand-wringing has finished and the man can get back to playing golf to the best of his ability and achieve his expected greatness.


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