Ministerial Credit Card Beat-Up Continues.

I believe the misuse of ministerial credit cards is being overdone by the media (yesterday’s ‘Press’ cartoon was a good’un)

Christchurch Press- 15/6/2010

BUT ministers who have misused theirs can not plead ignorance of the rules.
In the case of the belated ‘apology’ by Chris Carter there is a very hollow sound to what the public got. “It is clear to me that a public apology is both demanded and required in regard to my expenses when travelling overseas on government business on the taxpayer expense,” Mr Carter said in a statement.”I unreservedly apologise to the New Zealand public.”
Clearly he didn’t apologise because he was sorry- he ‘apologised’ because he was told to. There was absolutely no contrition there. It is obvious he believes his spending has been acceptable and he believes he was (and in future would be) within his rights (and privileges) to continue such spending.

Do we need people with such inflated opinions of their own importance and what their role owes them in Parliament?


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